marine weather forecastWEATHER365 Marine Weather Service

Next to the advantages of the Premium Weather Service, WEATHER365 Maritime Weather Service offers a lot of other exclusive features for people who prefer to be on the water instead on the land.

With WEATHER365 Maritime Weather Service you gain access to detailed region maps for all sea areas worldwide with a forecast timeframe of 120 hours in 3-hour intervals.

Start planning your sailing trip with the WEATHER365 Maritime Weather Service and all its important parameters like wave height, wave intensity, wind force and wind direction and of course with the more than 20 parameters included in the Premium Service.



marine weatherThese exclusive services are awaiting you in our Premium Weather Service

  • Access to detailed region maps for all sea areas worldwide
  • All important parameters like wave height, wave intensity, wind force and wind direction in a 120 hour forecasting timeframe
  • Weather charts in high spatial and temporal  resolution in a 3-hour rhythm
  • 20 different forecasting parameters